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Within a 12 hour time frame, you must drink your height in beers. After every beer you finish, you must tape it to the bottom of the next beer you are about to drink, before you start drinking it. You are not allowed to puke until you have completed your staff. Bonus points for keeping your staff free-standing.

Conversion ChartEdit

This chart show approximately how many beers or tall boys you will have to drink* to achieve Wizard. 

Height Beers
Centimetres Feet Cans Tall Boys
≤152 ≤5' 0" 13 10
≤160 ≤5' 3" 13 10
≤168 ≤5' 6" 14 11
≤175 ≤5' 9" 15 11
≤183 ≤6' 0" 15 12
≤191 ≤6' 3" 16 12
≤198 ≤6' 6" 17 13

*Actual number of beers may vary

For those who don't enjoy beer and would rather have a palm bay try White Girl Wizard

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