One must marathon all three movies of the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman series. Drink when:

Each Movie

  • The word “Batman” or “Gotham” is said
  • Batman disappears mid-conversation
  • Alfred makes a joke or talks about the past
  • Batman stand dramatically over a cityscape
  • OPTIONAL: drink every time batman talks in his “throat cancer” voice, if you want to go off stranger than usual

Batman Begins

  • Drink every time there is a flashback
  • Do a group shotgun when the train explodes during the climactic scene of the movie

The Dark Knight

  • Drink every time The Joker says “why so serious” or talks about his scars
  • Do a group shotgun when the cell phone bomb goes off in the holding cell and The Joker escapes

The Dark Knight Rises

  • Drink every time someone makes a bad joke or pun
  • Do a group shotgun when the bat symbol appears on the bridge when Batman returns to Gotham (and saved Gordon)