There has been no documented information about the Pokemon patches seen on many ECE students' GPAs.  It started with ECE '13, who decided to order Pikachu patches.  ECE '14 continued this tradition, as did ECE '15, and it likely will continue until the bad ass Electric-type Pokemon run out. After ECE'17 it was found that gen 1 no longer had any bad ass electric Pokemon. ECE '18 was the first to expand to gen 2, to the great disappointment of their uppers who thought Voltorb was "lit af"

  • ECE 13's Pikachu
  • ECE 14's Zapdos
  • Jolteon
  • Electabuzz
  • Raichu
  • Pichu
  • '19
  • ECE 20's Raikou
ECE Year Pokémon
'13 Pikachu
'14 Zapdos
'15 Jolteon
'16 Electabuzz
'17 Raichu
'18 Pichu
'19 Ampharos
'20 Raikou