(Also known as: Superstar) 

Play an entire 50 turn game of Mario Party (must be 4 players, no CPUs). Every time you are not the winner of a mini-game, you must take a drink. Additionally, every time you either lose a star or get a star stolen you must take 1 shot of hard liquor (at least 40%). 

It is not required that you drink beer, mixed drinks are allowed. No puking and no taking a break and finishing the game later.

Mario Party 9:

Play 3 - 4 maps with the following rules:

  • every time you lose a minigame, take a drink
  • if you land on a shuffle space and you start the next turn, everyone else drinks. Otherwise, you drink.
  • if you land on a back space, drink the number you roll
  • if you land on a dash space, everyone else drinks the number you roll
  • if you land on a Bowser space, drink the number of "bowser" difficulty of the chosen "reward" (if its multiplayer loser drinks)
  • if you land on a Bowser space and a 5 "bowser" difficulty "reward" is chosen, take a shot of hard liquor
  • if you challenge someone to a duel and you lose, finish your drink