Isengard 2012

Isengard is a variation of wizard. Rather than build one's height in beer, a group of people (however many necessary) work together to build a tower of beer the height of Waldron Tower. The tower must go from the ground of the basement (Floor 0) to the roof of the top floor (Floor 11), for a total height of approximately 120 feet.

This feat of construction must be completed in a single night: all beer must be drunk on the night of construction. You are eligible for a bar if you either contribute a significant amount of cans to the cause or help construct the final tower. Drinking the beer is not the difficult part; the real challenge is not getting caught.

Years which have sucessfully completed this bar:

  • Sci '15
  • Sci '16 (TWO TOWERS, one in each stairwell)
  • Class of '17 (TWO TOWERS & 9 FLOORS of a THIRD, one in one stairwell and two in the other)
  • Class of '18
  • Class of '19(Isengard 1st term)(Two Towers, 2nd term, one in each stairwell and 5 floors of the expansion stairwell(south side))
  • Sci '20 x 2
  • Class '20 - 30.03.17
  • Sci '21 (#WIB) - 23.11.17
  • Class '21 - 16.01.18
  • Class '21 - 29.03.18 (Two Towers)
  • Sci '22 - 11.10.18 (Isengard 1st term)
  • Class of '22 - 16.11.18 ( Trisengard) -- Three towers total, two in the south stairwell, one in the north stairwell.
  • Sci '22 - 21.11.18