Iron Curtain

USSR ANTHEM TRAP REMIX (free communist type beat) (prod

USSR ANTHEM TRAP REMIX (free communist type beat) (prod. ALiCKZ)

After building a Beerlin Wall, Sci '21 was told it should be more historically accurate. To do so, you must build an "Iron Curtain" that separates Lenny East from Lenny West, along the first floor lobby. Must be aprox head height (6 feet). The difficulty comes from size, support, and not getting caught. Bonus points if you cover the east side with communist memorabilia. Same time limit applies as for Beerlin Wall (12 hours). All cans must be dranks within this time limit. Note: playing USSR anthem remix is highly recommended:


Class of 22: Nov. 3rd, 2018 at 4am (1500+ cans)