A drinking game designed while watching at least 30 episodes of the Pokemon TV show. Rules only apply for seasons 1-3 (Kanto, Orange, and Johto). Not all rules are applicable for later seasons but feel free to drink while watching other seasons of the show.

Drink When:Edit

  • Ash says “I choose you” when he sends out a pokemon.
  • Typical Anime thing happens (large head, big sweat drop, moving color background…ect.)
  • Brock is attracted to a girl
  • Victreebel tries to eat James
  • A bad type matchup is chosen for a battle (drink 2 if it is made by someone other than Ash)
  • Team Rocket “blasts off again”
  • Misty has to drag Brock away from a girl
  • Anyone makes a “poke-pun”
  • Ash catches a new pokemon and makes a huge deal about it
  • Misty loses Togepi
  • Tracey sketches something
  • Brock points out the obvious
  • One or more people fall over after something ridiculous happens.
  • The last person to identify the “who’s that pokemon?” has to drink
  • Waterfall your drink during Team Rocket’s “Prepare for trouble….” line