How you do it Edit

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Some Sci '16's just chillin

Frost Week is for those brave enough to face the elements in the most epic of clothing,  The GPA.

To obtain "Frost Week" one must don sandals, a bathing suit, and of course, their Golden Party Armour.  If you're feeling adventurous you can also wear aviators for extra style points and general badass-ery.

They must wear this from the time of their first class of the first week of the winter semester, to the time of their final class of that same week (i.e. 8:30 am Monday to 5:30 pm Friday).

Jack Frost Edit

For those that thought Frost week would be easy, try Jack Frost

Notes: Edit

NOTE: you are NOT allowed to wear any other clothing for the duration of this bar, except when going to bed, pajamas and what-not.

Once the bar has been completed you can then get the awesome-ness that is FROST WEEK '[RESPECTIVE YEAR DONE] (eg. Frost Week '15).

Note: Members of other Faculties must use their Faculty Jacket

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