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Whovians Rejoice! The Doctor may have 2 hearts but you’ll need 2 livers to finish this drinking game.  Rules are simple:
  1. Watch an entire season (Including the Christmas Special), It will take you roughly between 10 and 11 hours ;)
  2. Follow the General Rules, Doctor Specific Rules, And Christmas Special Rules
  3. Enjoy your time as the Doctors Drunken Companion!

Note: For Tennant fans if you choose the 4th season, you must also watch all 4 Tennant Specials, all with extra rules.

General RulesEdit

Drink Once:Edit

  • Every time the Sonic Screwdriver is used
  • Every time the Psychic Paper is used
  • TARDIS Materializes
  • TARDIS De-Materializes
  • Doctor says:
    • “I’m here to help”
    • “Run”
    • “Time can’t be rewritten”
    • “Time can be rewritten”
    • “It’s a fixed point in time”
    • “Wibbly-Wobbley”
    • “Spacey-Wacey”
    • “Timey Wimey”
    • "Trust Me"
  • Doctor talks about being a time lord
  • Again if he mentions being the last of the time lords
  • When the doctor talks about the universe as if it were a person
  • Some flirts with the Doctor
  • Again if the Doctor is clueless
  • When Jack flirts with someone
  • Meet a historical figure
  • Tea is mentioned
  • Time War is mentioned
  • Doctor having 2 hearts is mentioned
  • Someone dramatically screams Doctor
  • When the Doctor is an enemy of Britain
  • When the Doctor and Companion hug
  • Im the Doctor Theme Song plays
  • When Bananas are mentioned
  • Cyberman says "Upgraded", "Delete", "Become like us"
  • When something is impossible, as stated by the doctor
  • Reference to what number of doctor we're on 
  • When a rule for being a doctor companion is mentioned 

Drink Twice:Edit

  • If the Doctor Regenerates
  • When the Sonic screwdriver doesn't work
  • When the Psychic paper doesn't work
  • First sight of a DALEK, drink and say “God damn it”
  • Doctor Says “Don’t blink”
  • Dalek says “EX-TER-MIN-ATE” 
  • Someone says “It's bigger on the inside”

Drink Thrice:Edit

  • Someone asks “Doctor Who?”

Doctor Specific RulesEdit

9th DoctorEdit

  • Bad Wolf Reference
  • Fantastic!
  • The TARDIS lands in Cardiff
  • Stupid Apes
  • The Doctor rolls his eyes
  • Domestics Joke
  • Are you my mommy?
  • Says “pleasure"
  • Sarcastically smiles
  • When he would make a good dalek
  • Harriet Jones introduces herself
  • Brilliant!
  • Everybody lives!
  • Rose makes the doctor smile
  • Dogs with no noses

10th DoctorEdit

  • The Doctor apologizes
  • Brilliant
  • What??
  • Rose and Doctor have a moment
  • Jack Harkness dies
  • Martha is generally a badass
  • Donna yells at the doctor
  • Allons-y
  • Molto Bene
  • I'm so sorry
  • Saxon
  • Doctor gets called Spaceman
  • Well…
  • Oh YES
  • Doctor wears glasses
  • Doctor wears orange spacesuit

11th DoctorEdit

  • Come along pond
  • Sexual Reference by River
  • Geronimo
  • Bowties are cool
  • Fezzes are cool
  • Hello Sweetie
  • Spoilers
  • Silence will fall
  • The Ponds fight
  • The girl who waited
  • A crack is scene
  • Clever Boy
  • Souffles are mentioned
  • Eye Patch Lady shows herself
  • The Pandorica opens
  • I Am the Doctor music plays
  • Rory dies
  • Adjusts his bowtie
  • Jammy Dodgers
  • When the doctor has a plan or doesn’t have a plan
  • Tardis is referred to as a Snog Box
  • Clara throws the doctor off, or gets him flustered

Christmas Special RulesEdit

Each special has its own additional rules, follow these when watching your season’s special

Season 1: The Christmas InvasionEdit

  • When the TARDIS Crashes
  • When the Doctor loses his hand
  • When a Christmas tree tries to kill them
  • When Santa is evil
  • When the Doctor Yells
  • When the Doctor excretes regeneration magic

Season 2: The Runaway BrideEdit

  • When the TARDIS is in a high speed chase
  • When Donna gets zapped into the TARDIS
  • When Santa is evil
  • When Donna has to stop the Doctor
  • When Empress of the Racnoss refuses the Doctors Offer

Season 3: Voyage of the DamnedEdit

  • When Doctor lets Astrid come with him in the TARDIS
  • When Astrid/Kylie Minogue dies
  • When Astrid Kisses the Doctor
  • When the Titanic hits the TARDIS
  • When the Queen of England thanks the Doctor

Season 4: All 4 Specials from 2008-2010Edit

  • When the “New Doctor” knows something that only the Doctor would know,
  • such as the TARDIS, his screwdriver
  • When the King Cyberman dies
  • When Double decker teleports
  • When Doctor mentions bicycles
  • Water spews from someones mouth
  • When the Doctor makes the biggest sacrifice
  • Drink for every companion on the “farewell tour”
  • Drink for the 4 knocks

Season 5: A Christmas CarolEdit

  • When the Doctor shows “scrooge” character his past
  • When they flashback to an old Christmas
  • When the fish float through the sky
  • When the girl sings
  • When the Ponds complain about the Doctor

Season 6: The Doctor, The Widow, and the WardrobeEdit

  • When the Doctor is overly enthusiastic about the house
  • When a character travels through the portal box
  • When a tree comes alive
  • When the Mother saves the day
  • When the doctor wears the spacesuit the wrong way
  • When the doctor goes into the wrong Police box

Season 7: The SnowmenEdit

  • When something is impossible
  • When doctor gives Clara a key
  • When Clara dies
  • When Clara really isn’t dead
  • When someone is touched or bitten by the slug
  • When Sherlock Holmes appears
  • When the doctor says the Universe doesn’t care
  • When Strax says something silly, obvious, or mentions grenades

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