"Wiggle your big toe."

Much like 'Fellowship' or 'Drink to the Future',

'Black Mamba' requires you to watch multiple movies whilst drinking. To achieve this bar you must:

Watch both 'Kill Bill' movies in succesion and drink the drink of your choosing every time the following happens in the movies:

-Someone says 'Black Mamba'

- Someone dies, or is mortally wounded, with their death being implied (excluding the House of Blue Leaves scene in Kill Bill Vol.1, because YOU would die)

- Something gets chopped off or chopped in half (e.g., body parts, objects) {refer to above rule}

- Someone punches a hole through something

- Someone is hit in the crotch

- The Bride draws up a 'Death List'

-A sword (or short sword) is unsheathed (by a main character i.e., a character with a name)

- The camera shows or tracks exclusively someone's (or multiple people's) ass or feet as the only thing in the shot. (It happens more often than you'd think)